Multi Panels
How to setup more advanced multi panels.

What are they

Multi Panels are set up very similarly to regular panels, they are merely three panels running together at the same time. As you can see in the image at the bottom of the page, there are three locations in the inventory for the panels. (The Chest, Player and Hotbar areas). The Top area of the Multi Panel is required to be open for any of the other two to open, otherwise, all of the panels will close.

How to make a Multi Panel

Making a Multi Panel is very intuitive and easy. Simply make three panels to get started, you will want each of the three panels to go in each of the locations.
The Top location can have 6 rows, The middle can have 3 rows and the bottom can have 1, as you would expect. If any of the panels have more slots they simply won't fit in and won't show up.
It is recommended that the two bottom panels are set so they cannot be opened with a command (using thenocommandpanel type), then you should use the open=command inside of the Top Panel to open the two bottom panels. Use the following snippet for an example.
- open= the_middle_panel {Middle}
- open= the_bottom_panel {Bottom}
As you can see, you simply open the two other panels normally but instead, choose the middle and bottom locations using brackets { } for them to appear there.
The example panel when the feature was released