Frequently Asked Questions CommandPanels

🤔Some commands are showing CommandPanels help?

If a command on your server is showing the CommandPanels commands list instead of functioning properly, keep reading. The reason this happens is because CommandPanels has auto registered the command, you would have set the command to open one of your panels.

To change this for your panel, add the following snippet, this will no longer register commands for your panel but they may still be inside your commands.yml. Edit your commands.yml and delete whatever command you want to be fixed such as /kit. Then type /cpr and restart your server. (the command.yml file is in the root of your server and is not associated with CommandPanels).

- nocommandregister

🤔How to properly update CommandPanels?

Some small updates may not be released to Spigot. To update CommandPanels to the latest version simply enter the command/cpv latestand then restart the server. This will force download the latest version and install it to your server.

🤔How can I close the panel when someone clicks on an item?

To close a panel using an item, you can add the command "commandpanelclose" or "cpc" for short, to the item's commands.

🤔I have an error in the chat when opening a panel and I am not sure how to fix it?

Using the command /cpd will enable debug mode. Detailed errors will come through into the server console if they haven't already the next time you try opening the panel. A member in the Discord such as the Developer can help to explain the error code if you are unsure what it means.

🤔CommandPanels is producing lag for my server, how to fix?

There are some simple troubleshooting steps that can be followed to try and remove any lag in your server.

  1. If some of your panels use a hotbar item (open-with-item) removing those temporarily and doing a test could improve TPS.

  2. If you are not using any panel blocks (blocks that open panels /cpb) then you can set panel-blocks to false in the config.yml.

  3. If none of your panels contain an animation or need to have dynamic updates while open (eg, items changing while the panel is open) then you can set refresh-panels to false in the config.yml. If you need this to be enabled, consider changing refresh-delay to a higher number like 40 or 60 (it is measured in ticks).

🤔Can't find your answer?

If the FAQ does not have the answer you seek, this page contains existing issues that are either in progress or have been resolved https://github.com/rockyhawk64/CommandPanels/issues. Otherwise contacting someone in the Discord server is an easy way to seek advice.