Configuration File

The main config file and all of it's uses

Config File

#If set to true, placeholders in panels will refresh
#A server restart is necessary after changing this
refresh-panels: true
#Disables /cpb if it is not required (optimisation purposes)
#A server restart is necessary after changing this
panel-blocks: true
#if set to false, this will disable the ingame editor
#A server restart is necessary after changing this
ingame-editor: true
#if set to false, this will disable hotbar items
#A server restart is necessary after changing this
hotbar-items: true
#if set to false, this will disable custom commands
#A server restart is necessary after changing this
custom-commands: true
#This will stop the plugin from registering panel custom commands
#Previously registered custom commands will not be removed from commands.yml
auto-register-commands: true
#If this is enabled, panels will update from file automatically when opened
auto-update-panels: false
#Time in ticks between each refresh
refresh-delay: 20
#Time in milliseconds before %cp-server-<IP>:<PORT>% will timeout. For local networks use 10, exceed 500 with caution (the lower the better).
#A number too low may give a false negative result and a number too high may cause lag
server-ping-timeout: 10
#If you want the "sound-on-open" sound to stop when a panel is closed
stop-sound: true
#Determines if the plugin should send a message or not if a panel is trying to be opened in the wrong world
disabled-world-message: true
#Set to false if you don't want to receive notifications for new versions
update-notifications: true
#Set to true if you would like the console to send messages when players on the server open or close panels
panel-snooper: false
#The tag Format before all the commands
tag: '&6[&bCommandPanels&6]'
#Format of the no permission command
perms: '&cNo permission.'
#Format of the Reload command
reload: '&aReloaded.'
#Format when a panel isn't found
nopanel: '&cPanel not found.'
#If there is no open-with-item in the config for that Panel
noitem: '&cPanel doesn''t have clickable item.'
#If the player name isn't found
notitem: '&cPlayer not found.'
#The default error code message
error: '&cError found in config at'
#Name that is shown when the player is offline when using %cp-player-online-1-find%
offline: Offline
#Head value that is shown when the player is offline when using %cp-player-online-1-find%
offlineHeadValue: eyJ0ZXh0d...
#This will open the panel 'example' in the world named 'world1'
#Multiple worlds with panels can be added here
#These will only run when the player changes worlds
world1: example
#The below will do the same as above but only runs when the player logs into the server
world1: example
#Change this to something you would like players to type to cancel the %cp-player-input% input
input-cancel: cancel
#This is the message that will display when something has been cancelled from input
input-cancelled: '&cCancelled!'
#This is the message that will appear when you want to ask for the players input. Use the placeholders %cp-tag% for the plugins tag, and use %cp-args% for the value of input-cancel
- '%cp-tag%&aEnter Input for Command'
- '&cType &4%cp-args% &cto Cancel the command'
#used to choose your formatting for hex colour codes
#the below example would work for #ff0000
#if you changed start_tag to '{#' and end_tag to '}' it would work with {#ff0000}
start_tag: '#'
end_tag: ''
#choose the symbol for built in CommandPanels placeholders
#start and end indicate the front and back of the placeholder
#secondary symbols are the placeholders that go inside other placeholders
#You can also put this inside a panel for panel specific custom placeholders
start: '%'
end: '%'
start: '{'
end: '}'
#this is RECOMMENDED to be set to true. It will update the plugin on server restart.
auto-update: true
#If you only want to update minor updates automatically, set this to true. (bug fixes and small features only)
minor-updates-only: true
#will send a message on join if the plugin needs an update
update-checks: true
#Messages that are sent when purchasing or selling in a panel.
#the placeholder %cp-args% will be replaced with the money amount or type of item.
success: '&aSuccessfully Bought For $%cp-args%'
failure: '&cInsufficient Funds!'
success: '&aSuccessfully Bought For %cp-args% Tokens.'
failure: '&cInsufficient Tokens!'
success: '&aSuccessfully Sold %cp-args%.'
failure: '&cInsufficient Items!'
success: '&aSuccessfully Bought For %cp-args% xp level.'
failure: '&cInsufficient xp levels!'